Codesynch is your cloud migration partner. Migrate your existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud from on-prem or anywhere with Snowflake.

Cloud Migration


Snowflake is one of the best cloud based, platform agnostic, columnar based data warehouses out there today. We can help you migrate your data warehouse to Snowflake. With the ability to share data with your users, manage compute easily, Snowflake opens a world of opportunities. Codesynch specializes in Snowflake implementation. We can suggest the best practices, setup the warehouses for your internal and external teams, and schedule your loads. We can suggest the best time and ways to scale your warehouses depending on your needs. You can leverage our years of experience in Snowflake with food industry as well as healthcare industry.

Integrate with AWS, Azure, GCP

Restore data with time travel

Clone data for testing

Set scaling policies

Schedule loads

Secure data with data masking

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