AWS Data Analytics

Make informed business decisions with our support and experience in data anlytics, data pipelines, data migration, and business intelligence.

Big Data & Analytics

AWS Data Analytics

We specialize in migrating data to the cloud. We can help you layout the groundwork for data capture from the source into relational databases. You can store data in RDS, S3, or DynamoDB and pass it on to Kinesis to several consumers. Our SMEs can guide you through proper ETL/ELT/Streaming procedures and store your data in a data warehouses (Redshift/Snowflake) and data lakes where data can be available for quick and massive consumption. We can provide data modeling expertise so your data scientists can get the most out of your data. Our reporting experts can help you pick the right tools. All while making sure your sensitive customer data is secure and private.

Data migration and data pipelines

Secure data storage in data lakes

Relational database setup and support

Data warehouse, modeling, and reporting

ETL, ELT, and data streaming

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