Containers & Microservices

Let us alleviate your infrastructure migration by cloud-native containerized architectures so you can meet your business timelines and goals.

Containers & Microservices

Containers & Microservices

Make a single package that contains all your applications, their libraries, dependendies, binaries, configuration files, etc. With Codesynch’s help make a robust, efficient, and scalable application platform. Our experts can help you make it possible to run applications regardless of your operating system configuration. Your locally tested application packages will run the same way in production. Accelerate your application delivery by running multiple applications on the same instance. Break down different application components in different containers, and get the most productivity out of the resources you own in the cloud. Codesynch is here to help you with all of those tips and tricks, and migrate your applications to the cloud using containers.

Application portability

Consistency across different environments

Parallel productivity with separated components

Easy and fast migration to cloud

Version tracking with containers

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